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TIAC tracks the latest state & local transportation funding news. To contribute to this effort, contact Carolyn Kramer.

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July 12: State Transportation Funding News Roundup

In Manchester, Connecticut, town board approval of an $18 million bond hinges on how the public works director prioritizes improvements to arterial roads, side streets, sidewalks, and other infrastructure vying for funding. Read More>>   Massachusetts House Speaker Robert DeLeo (D – 19) said he [...]

July 12, 2019|

May 3: State Transportation Funding News Roundup

The Pennsylvania Turnpike April 30 announced it is nearly $11 billion in debt and faces a catastrophic funding crisis if it continues payments to the Pennsylvania Transportation Department (PennDOT). The Turnpike has borrowed almost $1 billion every year, nearly half of which PennDOT uses to [...]

May 3, 2019|

April. 26. State Transportation Funding News Roundup

Don’t Miss Our Free April 29 Webinar on State Campaign Success Strategies. Three advocates will share their experiences managing multi-year campaigns, harnessing public and legislative will to revisit the issue, and passing multiple bills to address their states’ shortfalls. Attendees will learn how to reach out to lawmakers [...]

April 26, 2019|

April. 12. State Transportation Funding News Roundup

In a bipartisan effort, the Colorado legislature plans to allocate $300 million for transportation in this year’s budget, $106 million more than the initial line item.  It’s unclear where this revenue will be drawn from in the state’s $30.5 billion budget. Read More>>   Connecticut [...]

April 12, 2019|

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