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Model Statutory Language

The Transportation Investment Advocates Council develops documents that will provide model language for state statutes to raise state transportation revenue. These documents are intended to be used as a starting point for legislation intended to increase transportation funding through various methods. The reports also include an addendum with the range of options currently in use.

Election Reports

On average, voters have approved 72 percent of transportation funding ballot measures. This section provides detailed election and ballot information going back to 2004, as well as analysis of transportation-advocate reelection rates.

Economic Reports

ARTBA has completed numerous state economic impact reports that have helped shape the debate about state transportation initiatives. These reports serve to highlight the critical nature of highway and bridge investment in generating and sustaining economic growth. Several of our economic impact studies have been key in demonstrating to state and regional lawmakers the need for additional highway and bridge investment.

Funding Techniques

There are a number of ways governments, at all levels, use to raise the money needed to support transportation infrastructure capital investment programs and projects. These include mechanisms that provide public funding and also those that involve private financing, or a mix of the two. This section provides an overview of some often-discussed approaches, as well as detailed information on the following: motor fuels excises and variable-rates; bonding; tolling; vehicle-miles-traveled (VMT) excises; cordon pricing; alternative motor fuel excises; and public-private partnerships (P3s).

State Legislation

TIAC staff tracks and documents all state legislation relating to transportation funding, and keeps a record of what passed and what failed. Detailed information on recent and past state transportation funding legislation is also available.

Campaign Case Studies

The TIAC staff researches and prepares detailed case studies of recent successful—and unsuccessful—state and local legislative and ballot initiative campaigns aimed at increasing transportation infrastructure investment. The each case, the studies dig into the politics, issues, media and major players involved in the effort. You’ll also find here a summary of successful campaign “Best Practices” gleaned from this research.

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