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TIAC tracks the latest state & local transportation funding news. To contribute to this effort, contact Carolyn Kramer.

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Washington State Initiative 976 (2019)

I-976 was a 2019 ballot measure that repeals state and local authority to impose certain vehicle taxes and fees, limits state and local license fees to $30, requires regional transit authorities to retired bonds early where allowed, and implements many other changes. These adjustments are [...]

May 22, 2020|

Washington State Case Study: Initiative 976

  The Transportation Investment Advocacy Center (TIAC) staff researches and prepares detailed case studies of recent successful—and unsuccessful—state and local legislative and ballot initiative campaigns aimed at increasing transportation infrastructure investment. Each one digs into the politics, issues, media, and major players involved in the [...]

May 21, 2020|

COVID-19 Pandemic: State Transportation Funding Updates

  In Douglas County, Nebraska, voters approved a countywide ballot to borrow $200 million for pavement rehabilitation and reconstruction. This measure passed with 73 percent support despite economic pressures from the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more>>   These states say declining motor fuel tax revenue collections [...]

May 21, 2020|

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