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TIAC tracks the latest state & local transportation funding news. To contribute to this effort, contact Carolyn Kramer.

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White House Proposes 8-Year, $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

What happening: President Joe Biden today is unveiling $387 billion for transportation infrastructure improvements during an event in Pittsburgh. The American Jobs Plan (AJP) is billed as a proposal to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure systems while generating employment opportunities and economic growth. It includes investment [...]

March 31, 2021|

Twenty-Five States Introduce Transportation Funding Bills

State legislators in half the country introduced 61 transportation funding measures during January, according to ARTBA's Transportation Investment Advocacy Center (ARTBA-TIAC). They are seeking to bridge construction and repair revenue shortfalls created by past failures to keep up with investment needs, economic disruption caused by [...]

February 9, 2021|

Truck Toll Revenue Put at Risk by Federal Lawsuit

By Nick Goldstein, vice president of regulatory and legal issues, ARTBA Trucking interests have sued Rhode Island over its “RhodeWorks” tolling program, jeopardizing millions of dollars in toll revenue in the state. The federal district court litigation, which was initiated in early 2020, could have [...]

January 8, 2021|

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