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If you are involved in a state or local organization that wants to increase sound public and/or private investments in transportation mobility, access and safety, you’ll want to become a member of…

The Transportation Investment Advocates Council™

What is the Council?

The “Transportation Investment Advocates Council™” (TIAC) is a national network of more than 70 business professionals and public officials who share a common interest in building support for transportation infrastructure investments in their state or local community—roads, bridges, public transit, pedestrian walkways and cycling paths, airports, waterways, ports and rail facilities.

The Council provides regional and national forums for networking and sharing information that will help you meet your objective—campaign strategies… tactics… messaging… opinion and economic research… legislative and ballot language… what’s worked and what hasn’t.

TIAC members interact with and learn from others who work for national, state and local better transportation groups and coalitions… chambers of commerce… state legislatures and civic bodies… public agencies… and other interested firms and organizations.

The Council is co-chaired by:

  • Maria Fuentes, executive director of the Maine Better Transportation Association
  • Seth Millican, executive director of the Georgia Transportation Alliance

How will participation in the Council benefit me and my organization?

As a member, you will have:

  • Free access to the email listserve where you can post questions, share information and relay news to your peers.
  • Free participation in quarterly regional conference calls or webinars to exchange information with your peers in other states and learn from guest speakers.
  • A free email push subscription to the TranspoAdvocates News (  The blog provides regular updates on transportation funding developments, news and initiatives across the nation.
  • A free email push subscription to the monthly “State Transportation Funding Initiatives Report™”.
  • Free subscription to the digital ARTBA Newsline, which provides Capitol Hill updates on news that impacts transportation policies throughout the country.
  • The opportunity to network face-to-face with your peers at the Center’s annual “National Workshop for State and Local Transportation Advocates.”  The Workshop features campaign case studies, research on transportation funding trends and public opinion, and presentations by experts in campaign strategy, management and communications.  Review previous Workshops.

What will it cost to join?

There is no annual membership fee to participate.  The Council is supported by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association’s (ARTBA) “Transportation Makes America Work!” (TMAW) program.

Join the Transportation Investment Advocates Council

Sign up by clicking the button below and providing your name and organization, or contact Carolyn Kramer