The Transportation Investment Advocacy Center ™ (TIAC) is a first-of-its kind, dynamic education program and Internet-based information resource designed to help private citizens, legislators, organizations and businesses successfully grow transportation investment at the state and local levels through the legislative and ballot initiative processes.

The TIAC website, www.transportationinvestment.org, helps transportation investment advocates to mount successful campaigns. It exists to put in one place—and promote the sharing of—strategies… sample political and communications tools… legislative and ballot initiative language… and information on where to obtain professional campaign advice, research and help.

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TIAC staff produces regular research reports and analyses, hosts an annual workshop in Washington, D.C., and holds ongoing webinars for transportation investment advocates featuring case studies, best practices, and the latest in political and media strategies.

State and local chamber of commerce executives, state legislators, state and local transportation officials, “Better Roads & Transportation” group members, industry and labor executives, and leaders of state and local chapters of national organizations who have an interest in transportation development programs are welcomed to participate.

The Center’s program of work is also guided by a Transportation Investment Advocates Council, a national network of business professionals and public officials who share a common interest in building support for transportation infrastructure investments in their state or local community— roads, bridges, public transit, pedestrian walkways and cycling paths, airports, waterways, ports and rail facilities.

TIAC is a project of the American Road and Transportation Builders Association’s “Transportation Makes America Work!”™ (TMAW) and supported through voluntary contributions and sponsorships. To become a sponsor or to make a contribution, contact TIAC Director Carolyn Kramer. Also contact Ms. Kramer if you have questions or comments about any reports or case studies published through the TIAC, or would like more information on the program and the Council.

“KBT depends on the information TIAC compiles regarding transportation funding initiatives in other states. When discussing transportation funding, I am often asked what our neighboring states are doing. TIAC keeps me informed so I can answer quickly and correctly.”

Juva Barber

executive director, Kentuckians for Better Transportation