In Texas, $9 billion in transportation funding is expected in FY 2020-21 due to revenue from  the Propositions 1 (2014) and 7 (2015) constitutional amendments. These measures have contributed about $7.8 billion to the State Highway Fund since 2017, helping Texas build new and safer roads. Read more>>


Minnesota Department of Transportation Commissioner Margaret Anderson Kelliher is proposing a 13- to 15- cents-per-gallon gas tax increase and debt service fee. This revenue would fund critical transportation improvements and pay off bonds that erode the department’s budget. Read more>>


The Minnesota Department of Transportation southern district is about $4 million (37 percent) over its average five-year maintenance budget because severe weather has damaged roads and delayed repairs. Lawmakers have been gridlocked on a long-term funding solution since 2013. Read more>>


A Maine commission of bipartisan lawmakers and private industry professionals charged with finding solutions for the state’s $140 million annual transportation funding gap held its first meeting Sept. 17. The commission is expected to report its findings and recommendations by December. Read more>>


In Connecticut, the lack of state borrowing authorization is causing delays for time-sensitive transportation projects. Municipal leaders are asking Gov. Ned Lamont (D) to end the funding impasse, but he has pledged to put the state on a “debt diet.” Read more>>


Drivers on an Oceola County, Michigan bridge could face fines for driving with heavy loads after the weight limit was reduced from 20 tons to three tons. State funding has been approved to fix the bridge, but the revenue is not expected until 2021. If the bridge’s condition worsens it may have to be shutdown. Read more>>