In Manchester, Connecticut, town board approval of an $18 million bond hinges on how the public works director prioritizes improvements to arterial roads, side streets, sidewalks, and other infrastructure vying for funding. Read More>>


Massachusetts House Speaker Robert DeLeo (D – 19) said he is open to considering all options for a transportation revenue bill.  The package is expected to include road and bridge funding, regional transit authorities, and other transportation investment. Read More>>


In Minnesota, hundreds of projects are now stalled due to an estimated $18 billion, 20-year highway funding gap. This includes the Garfield interchange, the Aerial Lift Bridge, and improvement to Superior Street Department of Transportation. Read More>>


In Wisconsin, Gov. Tony Evers July 3 approved over $465 million for transportation projects across the state as part of the 2019-2021 biennial budget. This includes a $320 million State Highway Rehabilitation investment, and $66 million for local projects. Read More>>


North Carolina officials have raised concerns about finding enough money to pay for the $552 million Highway 31 extension to South Carolina. The 19-mile project is still in early development. Read More>>


The Oregon Department of Transportation has lifted the 5,000-vehicle cap on how many drivers can participate in its road usage charge program. Over 1,600 vehicle owners are already participating in the program. Read More>>