The Pennsylvania Turnpike April 30 announced it is nearly $11 billion in debt and faces a catastrophic funding crisis if it continues payments to the Pennsylvania Transportation Department (PennDOT). The Turnpike has borrowed almost $1 billion every year, nearly half of which PennDOT uses to fund public transit. Read More>>


The Maine Transportation Department (MDOT) April 30 stated it will cancel critical transportation projects in 2019 due to high construction costs. MDOT will continue opening bids as scheduled through May 8. Read More>>


The Minnesota state Senate May 1 approved more than $2.5 billion for critical statewide road construction and planning as part of a $6.63 billion two-year budget. This vote removed a House provision that included a gas tax, sales tax, and license fee increases. Read More>>


To support Louisiana state Representative Steve Carter’s (R – 68) proposed 18-cents-per-gallon gas tax increase, the Baton Rouge Area Chamber April 25 released an analysis that shows 19 conservative states have increased gas taxes since 2015. If passed, Carter’s bill— H 542— would be the first gas tax increase for Louisiana in over three decades. Read More>>


The Missouri state Senate’s proposed transportation plan released May 2 would borrow $301 million in bonds and use general revenue to replace the I-70 Missouri River bridge. This plan hinges on a federal (INFRA) grant of up to $172 million dollars. Read More>>


Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers’ (D) proposed $320 million increase to the Wisconsin Transportation Department’s (WisDOT) budget May 1 gained support from the agency.. WisDOT expects current funding levels cannot meet future infrastructure needs. Read More>>