Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker’s (R) proposal for an $18 billion transportation infrastructure bond is being considered in the state legislature. The bond would partially be backed by anticipated federal revenue, as well as a proposed new fee on carbon within vehicle fuels. Read more>>


The California Department of Transportation has proposed a revised spending plan to delay and possibly cancel Highway 99 expansion projects in the state’s Central Valley. The state transportation commission is expected to l vote on the plan in the coming weeks. Read more>>


California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) is redirecting $5 billion from roads and bridges to rail and greenhouse gases/emissions reduction programs.  The revenue was raised from a 2017 fuel tax increase. Read more>>


Kentucky freight shipments are among the nation’s highest and are expected to increase by two-thirds by 2045. However, inadequate transportation funding could put Kentucky’s economic growth at risk. Read more>>


Illinois drivers paid $100 million more in gas taxes in July than same month in 2018 due a 19-cents-per-gallon gas tax increase. The revenue is earmarked for a six-year $45 billion infrastructure plan and other public works projects. Read more>>


Minnesota motorists are likely to experience deteriorating roads and bridges as the state’s 87 counties grapple with a combined $1 billion annual transportation funding shortfall. Read more>>


Missouri state Sen. Doug Libla voiced support for a gas tax increase to bolster transportation funding.  The Poplar Bluff Republican said user taxes to fund services are a conservative position. Read more>>