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TIAC tracks the latest state & local transportation funding news. To contribute to this effort, contact Carolyn Kramer.

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Feb. 6: State Transportation Funding News Roundup

 Minnesota state officials said Feb. 4 spending on a $2 billion light rail project scheduled to begin service in 2023 would continue, spurring the state’s economic momentum and keeping a potential recession at bay. Read More>>   Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) Director Jack Marchbanks on Feb. 5 called attention to a $1 [...]

February 7, 2019|

July 13: State Transportation Funding News Roundup

A Nov. 6 California ballot measure will decide whether to mandate a state referendum for any gas tax increases, retroactive to January 2017. The immediate impact would be the repeal of Senate Bill (SB) 1, which raises an estimated $5.2 billion annually for transportation infrastructure [...]

July 13, 2018|

June 28: State Transportation Funding News

Updated resource: Read ARTBA-TIAC’s “State Motor Fuel Tax Increases: 2013 - 2018” handout to learn about the 27 states that have raised or adjusted their gas taxes since 2013. A spokesman for the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) said that federal funding uncertainty is adding [...]

June 28, 2018|

Jan. 5: State Transportation Funding News Roundup

Ohio Department of Transportation director Jerry Wray expressed concern that the state is falling behind on transportation projects, with 90 percent of the agency’s spending going to rehabilitating and maintaining existing roads and bridges and neglecting needed capacity-building projects. Read More>> Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (R) urged the [...]

January 5, 2018|

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