The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) will pay the full cost of municipal road safety projects approved by the agency.  ODOT will use revenue from the gas tax increase to pay for about $158 million in safety projects; one of the selling points that helped pass the increase last year, according to Matt Bruning, ODOT press secretary. Read More>>


In Mississippi, elected and transportation industry officials are renewing calls for additional state highway funding after positive audit results. A Mississippi Department of Transportation audit, mandated in 2018, found that the agency meets or exceeds industry standards in most regards. Read More>>


Kentucky executive branch officials testified before state lawmakers on transportation needs and declining gas tax revenue. Officials also debated Gov. Andy Beshear’s (D) proposed $778.9 million Road Fund for construction and $803 million maintenance over two years. Read More>>


Members of a Maine blue-ribbon commission have agreed to find $160 million more annually for transportation. Tasked with resolving the state’s $232 million road and bridge annual shortfall, some commissioners said they are frustrated that Gov. Janet Mills (D) released only a $10 million spending proposal. Read More>>


Last week, Arizona municipality officials testified before the state House Transportation Committee on the need for additional road funding. Under Gov. Doug Ducey’s (R) proposed budget, state Department of Transportation funding could increase by over $66.5 million in the next fiscal year. Read More>>


Colorado lawmakers are discussing additional transportation funding options, one of which is increasing the state’s 22-cent gas tax. Sen. Chris Holbert (R – 30) said he objects to a gas tax increase and instead prefers putting $300 million in existing revenue toward road construction. Read More>>