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Successful Ballot Initiatives

MAINE: Bond Measure—Question #4 (2012)

This victorious ballot initiative campaign in Maine resulted in the passage of a $41 million bond measure to support transportation projects.  In 2012, Maine voters approved Question 4, which proposed providing approximately $41 million for highway and bridge repairs throughout the state of Maine.  Question 4 passed with 68.9 percent of voters in support of the measure in the November 2012 election.

MAINE: Bond Measure—Question #3 (2013)

This successful ballot initiative campaign in Maine resulted in the enactment of a $100 million transportation bond measure.  In this statewide initiative, 72 percent of Maine voters supported a $100 million transportation bond.   Question 3 will finance $76 million for highway improvements, $27 million for bridges, $24 million for ports and rail, and $5 million for local governments.  This bond will also leverage an additional $154 million from both federal and state funds.

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