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TIAC tracks the latest state & local transportation funding news. To contribute to this effort, contact Carolyn Kramer.

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Jan. 17: State Transportation Funding News Roundup

Montana’s 2017 Bridge and Road Safety and Accountability Act (BRSA) has allowed the state’s department of transportation to match federal highway funds. Without the BRSA increase, Montana would have lost federal funding and local governments could not have commenced their much-needed resurfacing projects. Read more. [...]

January 17, 2019|

Jan. 19: State Transportation Funding News Roundup

TRIP released an updated analysis on Jan. 12 examining the state of Montana’s transportation infrastructure. Read the report>> In Indiana, Gov. Eric Holcomb’s (R) State of the State Address delivered Jan. 17, highlighted transportation infrastructure improvements as one of the five pillars of his upcoming legislative agenda. Read More>>  Montana Gov. Steve [...]

January 19, 2017|

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