U.S. Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), who is seeking reelection in November, says repairing and replacing the state’s aging bridges is a top priority. Collins noted that the state has 314 bridges in poor condition, the seventh highest percentage in the country. A federal highway bill would boost Maine’s economic recovery. Read more>>


Montana’s road traffic volume is increasing at one of the highest rates in the nation, according to a  July 14 TRIP report conducted for the Montana Contractors’ Association. The report also found Montana’s interstate fatality rate remains among the highest in the nation. Read more>>


The Massachusetts state Senate passed a proposal to borrow over $17 billion to fund highway, bridge, and transit projects. The bill allows municipalities to levy local tax surcharges to fund transportation projects and establishes a roadway and congestion pricing commission. Read more>>


Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) officials say they will delay 11 construction projects and reevaluate local transportation programs due to revenue shortfalls. Over the next six years about $436 million will be reallocated from new capacity projects to transportation maintenance. Read more>>


Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) spokesperson Danny Perez said low traffic volumes have helped accelerate local road projects. TxDOT plans to use the opportunity to relocate utilities later this year in preparation for construction scheduled to start next summer. Read more>>


In California, Sacramento County officials have canceled plans for voters to decide a transportation tax measure in the November election. The one-half-cent sales tax proposal sought to raise $8 billion over 40 years for highways, streets, and transit. Officials cited concern about the pandemic and social unrest for the cancelation. Read more>>


In Georgia, Henry County commissioners voted to delay a transportation referendum to raise the local sales tax to 8 percent from 7 percent. Commissioners said the county would continue discussions with four cities about drafting possible projects. Read more>>


Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar said he will transfer $1.1 billion to the State Highway Fund from the General Revenue Fund in FY 2021. The revenue is generated by oil and natural gas severance taxes collected in the previous fiscal year. Read more>>