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TIAC tracks the latest state & local transportation funding news. To contribute to this effort, contact Carolyn Kramer.

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States to Watch in 2020

State lawmakers face many transportation investment challenges during their 2020 legislative sessions, including the distraction of their own reelection campaigns. Four states do not have regular sessions in 2020, and six others meet for less than two months. Several states that began transportation investment campaigns [...]

December 11, 2019|

July 29: State Transportation Funding News Roundup

In response to feedback, local officials in Pinellas County, Florida, want to create a transportation solution that addresses congestion, safety, transit, job growth, affordable housing, and workforce training. Such a package is estimated to total $392 million in capital and $31.5 million annually in operations [...]

July 29, 2019|

July 3: State Transportation Funding News Roundup

The Seattle Department of Transportation has identified four promising congestion pricing options to toll drivers for driving in downtown Seattle. The front-runners under consideration are: area pricing, a road usage charge, tolling based on the type of vehicle, and tolling vehicles that enter the city center. Read More>> [...]

July 3, 2019|

April 2: Mississippi Closing 61 Dangerous Bridges

The Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) plans to immediately close 61 bridges that Executive Director Melinda McGrath says should have been shut seven months ago. The list of potentially dangerous bridges almost doubled from the original 34 after the Office of State Aid Road Construction [...]

April 2, 2019|

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