Six states have approved 13 transportation investment measures so far in 2020, according to the latest report by ARTBA’s Transportation Investment Advocacy Center (ARTBA-TIAC). The measures – a combination of legislation and executive orders – will be worth $5.1 billion in one-time and recurring tax revenue.

An all-new interactive dashboard that filters legislative measures by state, topic, progress and bill details is available at the Center’s flagship website: The State Legislation Dashboard is one of several new tools ARTBA-TIAC has debuted in the past year for advocates, legislators, media and industry professionals to provide a deep-dive into transportation funding trends and events. Other resources include the ‘Transportation Funding Ballot Measure Results Dashboard‘ and the ‘State Lawmaker Reelection Returns Dashboard.’

Visit the new dashboard to view the ARTBA-TIAC analysis, review details of state legislation, and read the full report.

Highlights from the dashboard’s 2020 analysis include:

  • 38 bills have advanced beyond one chamber, while 133 bills are still in the introductory stage.
  • 13 states introduced legislation to increase their motor fuel tax, eight of which included a component to adjust or convert to a variable-rate formula.
  • One-time funding has been the most popular legislation (68 bills, primarily in Arizona and Minnesota), followed by 24 local funding and 25 recurring revenue measures.
  • Road usage charge legislation has been proposed in six states, and new or increased electric vehicle fees have been proposed in five states.
  • Approved measures include bonds in Connecticut, Michigan and Minnesota and a state gas tax increase in Virginia.