The Connecticut State Bond Commission is considering borrowing just over $700 million for the state’s aging highways, bridges, and rail lines. The commission is also reviewing the first $30 million installment of this fiscal year’s $60 million Town Aid Road grant and more than $106 million in overdue grants also for cities and towns. Read more>>


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak,  Missouri Governor Mike Parson (R) announced $180 million in funding restrictions effecting the Missouri Department of Transportation(MODOT) and other state agencies. MODOT Director Patrick McKenna said the virus will have a substantial impact on tax gas tax collections, but the exact amount of lost revenue likely won’t be known for months. Read more>>


The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) postponed the Cost Share Program application deadline to May 18 due to COVID-19. The program provides funding to localities for construction projects that improve safety and increase transportation investment in rural and urban areas. KDOT Secretary Julie Lorenz said that “getting infrastructure investments into the Kansas economy and putting people back to work will be a top priority of COVID-19 recovery.” Read more>>


The Iowa Department of Transportation’s (IDOT) automatic traffic recorders show the number of vehicles on the state’s streets, roads, and highways has fallen by nearly  half compared to a year ago, which is impacting motor fuel tax collections.  IDOT Director of Planning and Programming Stuart Anderson said the initial estimates show an approximate 25 percent reduction in the state’s $1.7 billion Road Use Tax Fund. Anderson said he expects to see the first signs of the impact in the April allocation. Read more>>


In Pendleton, Oregon Mayor John Turner (R) and the Save Our Streets coalition withdrew their endorsement of the 4-cent-per-gallon gas tax increase on the May 19 ballot. The increase would raise approximately $440,000 annually for improved street maintenance.  Turner and the coalition announced they would no longer support the increase due to economic uncertainties associated with COVID-19. The measure can’t be removed from the ballot. Read more>>


Trump & Pelosi Push Infrastructure Investment as Congress Considers More COVID-19 Legislation