The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) reports it met only 77 percent of its maintenance goals for 2019.  WSDOT officials said, “maintenance funding is not keeping pace with the increased needs associated with system additions from new construction projects, or the inflation-adjusted costs of construction materials and supplies.” Read more>>


The growing regional population around Idaho’s Treasure Valley is increasing traffic congestion.  Idaho is one of the only states without a dedicated state funding source for public transit and no local sales tax option to fund transportation. Transportation officials say the state must act soon to remain economically competitive. Read more>>


The South Carolina Department of Transportation is advancing $3.2 billion in statewide construction projects.  Its 10-year strategic plan to address a 30-year backlog of deferred maintenance is enabled by a 2017 gradual gas tax increase that will increase by 2 cents per gallon every fiscal year until 2022, when it will be 28 cents per gallon. Read more>>