Efforts to raise the state gas and corporate taxes to enhance the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority have been delayed by the covid-19 crisis . Read more>>


A New York coalition of highway superintendents and road workers is urging lawmakers to increase funding for local roads, bridges, and culverts. They are requesting a $150 million increase for the Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program aid to a total of $588 million. Under the state’s proposed 2020-21 budget, all local programs are slated to receive $438 million, the same funding as last year’s commitment. Read more>>


In Washington state, a court reversed an injunction that had blocked the “$30 car tabs” Initiative 976 from taking effect. Voters approved the 2019 referendum to limit annual vehicle registration fees to $30 and base taxes on a vehicle’s value on the Kelley Blue Book schedule. The measure has been in legal limbo as the court decided whether it was constitutional. Read more>>


The Vermont transportation fund could lose $15 million-$20 million because of lower sales and use tax and gas tax revenues. The state as a whole could face a revenue shortfall of $200 million due to diminished economic activity and delayed tax payments resulting from COVID-19 concerns. Read more>>