The Missouri Department of Transportation (MDOT) said it will have to eliminate nearly $800 million in planned projects if Congress fails to approve new transportation funding by November 2020. If federal funding isn’t reauthorized in time nearly 300 of the 1,437 projects planned through 2024 would be off the table, including $3.5 million in resurfacing work on U.S. 50 in Cole County. Read more>>


A Kentucky bill to raise $453 million in additional funding for roads and bridges is supported by multiple coalitions of business leaders, trade associations, chambers of commerce, and government officials. House Bill 580 would implement a 8.6 cents-per-gallon gas tax increase (to 34.6 cents total) and increase electric vehicle fees ($400 total)  to shore up $900 million in backlogged transportation needs. Read more>>


Kansas state Sen. Richard Hilderbrand (R-Baxter Springs) has proposed a constitutional amendment requiring state sales tax revenue raised for transportation must be used for transportation and not applied to other purposes. Since 2011, the state has siphoned over $2 billion from the Kansas Department of Transportation, which has resulted in the cancellation of two dozen projects.  Read more>>


Louisiana state legislators approved $729.5 million for roads in a tentative 2020-2021 fiscal year construction budget. State government would contribute $103.2 million and federal funding would provide the balance. Lawmakers also approved $114.2 million worth of airport projects, while the Louisiana Department of Transportation listed 18 partially funded port projects expected to cost $326.8 million. Read more>>


New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) vetoed a bill that would provide $49.5 million for local roads projects and will instead send that money to state reserves amid economic uncertainty and coronavirus concerns. Grisham acknowledged the importance of infrastructure funding but wrote that fiscal responsibility is paramount as she considers additional line-item vetoes on $227 million in general fund spending. Read more>>


Massachusetts House lawmakers approved a funding bill that would generate between $522 million and $612 million annually for road, bridge, and transit work. House Bill 4508 would increase vehicle taxes, bump the gas tax by 5 cents per gallon, and raise the diesel tax by 9 cents per gallon. The Democrat-led chamber voted mostly along party lines 113-40 to advance legislation, which now heads to the state Senate. Gov. Charlie Baker (R) has said he will veto a gas tax increase if it reaches his desk, favoring the bond proposal he put forth earlier this year. Read more>>