The Alaska Senate voted 12-5 to double the state gas tax from 8 cents per gallon to 16 cents per gallon, which is expected to raise $33.8 million annually. Senate Bill 115 also raises the state’s marine fuel tax and increases registration fees for electric and hybrid vehicles. It still needs approval from the state House of Representative and Gov. Mike Dunleavy (R). Read more>> 

A Maine blue-ribbon commission recommends an immediate infusion of between $20 million and $60 million to shore up the state’s estimated $232 million transportation funding shortfall. The commission suggests funding solutions consist of increases in general fund revenue and new revenue, which could include a gas tax increase or higher electric vehicle fees. Read more>>

Utah State Auditor John Dougall has warned that the gas tax is not an effective long-term means of funding transportation needs due to increased fuel efficiency and alternative-fuel vehicles. Utah Department of Transportation executive director Carlos Braceras also predicted that the gas tax will eventually be replaced by a miles traveled charge and increased tolls. Read more>>

Michigan House Republicans proposed an additional $800 million for local roads without raising fuel taxes. Their plan would eliminate the 6 percent sales tax on fuel over three years and replace it with an equivalent per-gallon gasoline tax increase. The school aid fund, which now receives much of the fuel sales tax revenue, would receive diverted income tax revenue from the general fund. Read more>>

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