In Idaho, House Transportation Chairman Joe Palmer (R) proposed legislation to transfer $272 million from the state’s Budget Stabilization Fund for a new account to help pay for transportation projects.  Read more>> Gov. Brad Little (R) also supports further transportation investment. He has proposed a 7.9 percent increase in road construction spending from the previous year. Read more>>

At the Utah Taxpayers Association conference this week, state Department of Transportation Director Carlos Braceras indicated that the state’s gas tax would likely be replaced or supplemented with tolls and fees. Utah has already implemented a user mileage tax for alternative fuel vehicles, now the state government wants to expand the program to all vehicles and introduce new tolls, such as in canyons and HOV lanes.  Read more>>

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) is expected to provide a new plan to fund infrastructure following the failure of her 45-cent gas tax increase proposal in 2019.  Earlier, Whitmer indicated that if her gas tax increase failed, she would issue bonds to pay for transportation funding. Read more >>

Connecticut state Democrats say they have enough votes to pass a truck-only toll on state bridges.  It would charge truckers with tractor-trailers $6.40 with an in-state discount for Fairfield County bridges. Read more >> State Department of Transportation Commissioner Joseph Giulietta said that tolls are the state’s best and most efficient way to fund transportation improvements, despite some public opposition. Read more>>

Tennessee House representative John Ray Clemmons (R) proposed a Resolution for a Special Joint Committee that would focus on transportation infrastructure needs.  The committee would assess all possible state and federal revenue sources and how legislators could properly employ the funds.  Read more >>

This post was written by ARTBA Intern Emma Moore.