The North Carolina Department of Transportation will submit a financial proposal by Jan. 15 detailing their projected spending, control measures, and policies. As a response to the department’s previous budgeting problems, the new plan will consider financial obstacles and potential natural disaster damage. Read more>>

State legislators in Missouri have proposed four new bills that would raise the state’s motor fuel tax from its current rate of 17 cents per gallon, one of the lowest in the nation. The first three bills suggest accumulative increases over the next few years, while the fourth ensures a flat 2- cent increment from 2021 to 2030 that will drop by 1 cent in 2031. These legislative measures confront the state’s transportation funding shortage and the hidden vehicle maintenance costs motorists pay as the result of driving on crumbling roads. Read more>>

Michigan’s transportation budget is shrinking, specifically for aeronautical infrastructure as smaller, more fuel-efficient airplanes deplete revenue from fuel sales taxes. Michigan’s roads are also deteriorating from a lack of funds. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) has proposed a 45-cent gas tax increase as House GOP members consider other options to boost transportation funding. Read more>>

This post was written by ARTBA Intern Emma Moore.