A key factor in crafting state transportation investment legislation is determining how much of the new revenue is dedicated to local projects. State lawmakers must grapple with the diverse needs of urban and rural areas; identify and rank the most critical projects; and gauge the support of voters in their districts.

During a 3 p.m. Eastern, June 24, webinar, three transportation investment experts will share their insights on state legislation that succeeded—or failed—to increase local project funding. It will explore how this factor impacted public perception of the legislation and influenced the state’s overall transportation funding efforts.

The speakers are:

  • Darren Kettle, executive director, Ventura County CA Transportation Commission
  • Paul Gruner, county engineer, Montgomery County OH
  • Mike Clowser, executive director, Contractors Association of West Virginia

The webinar is co-hosted by ARTBA’s Transportation Investment Advocacy Center™ (TIAC) and its Transportation Officials Division. Registration is free, but space is limited. Reserve your spot today.

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