The Missouri Transportation Department has proposed a five-year, $900 million annual transportation investment plan. Gov. Mike Parson (R) also launched a $50 million “Focus on Bridges” initiative to fix state bridges. Read More>>


Pennsylvania is seeking volunteers for a I-95 Corridor Coalition study project that explores a mileage-based user fee. Such a system would assess drivers based on how many miles they drive, not how much gas they buy. Read More>>


Idaho’s Highway 75 has significant asphalt degradation, but the state legislature continues to resist raising taxes. The Idaho Department of Transportation is without a comprehensive funding plan fix make repairs. Read More>>


The Hawaii Department of Transportation is seeking proposals for a service provider to manage the state’s road usage charge pilot program. The work will include mileage data collection, reporting and customer service. Read More>>


Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker (R) June 11 authorized $200 million in transportation funds to support localities across the state. Since 2015, Baker has awarded $1.14 billion through a program that reimburses towns and cities for approved highway construction and paving projects. Read More>>