Nine states approved an estimated $1.6 billion in one-time and recurring revenue for roads and bridges during the first four months of 2019, including four in April, according to analysis by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association’s Transportation Investment Advocacy Center™ (ARTBA-TIAC). Transportation investment measures in Iowa and Florida are pending the governor’s signature.

The April investment measures include:

  • Virginia: Local fuel tax of 2.1 percent on the average wholesale price of fuel, implemented in districts bordering I-81 for interstate construction and maintenance. The law also includes a statewide diesel tax increase and higher truck registration fees.
  • North Dakota: Implement a new annual registration fee of $120 for electric and $50 for plug-in hybrid vehicles.
  • Idaho: Amends existing law to phase out the distribution of funds from the highway distribution account to the law enforcement account and reallocates those funds to local governments and the state highway account for transportation. Another law permits selling bonds against this revenue.
  • New York: Established tolls for vehicles entering or remaining in the most congested areas of the state. Revenue would be used for public transit improvements.

Wyoming, Alabama, Arkansas, Ohio, and Utah approved transportation investment laws before April.

Several funding trends continue from previous years, including legislation to increase electric vehicle fees. Including North Dakota, above, 24 states now have a registration fee for electric vehicles. Iowa would become the 25th state if Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) signs House File 767. Before 2019, 20 states had an electric vehicle fee.

The market impact of these measures is difficult to project as revenue approved ranges from immediate one-time investment to annual contributions. While these state measures are helpful, they fall short of transportation investment needs, which continue to rely on federal investment.

See ARTBA-TIAC’s full roundup of 2019 transportation funding legislation, including details of 250 bills in 46 states.

Learn more about 2019 transportation investment measures, funding trends, and campaign advice at the 6th Annual “National Workshop for State & Local Transportation Advocates” on July 17 in Washington, D.C.