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North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum (R) April 11 signed a law to charge an annual registration fee of $120 for electric motor vehicles, $50 for plug-in hybrid motor vehicles, and $20 for electric motorcycles. North Dakota is the 24th state to implement a fee for electric vehicles, and the fourth this year to implement or adjust an electric and hybrid vehicle fee. Read more about 2019 state transportation funding legislation. Read More>> 


Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) April 15 indicated she will consider auto insurance reform to offset her proposed 45 cents-per-gallon state gas tax increase. Republican legislators oppose both measures. Read More>>


Minnesota Transportation Department (MnDOT) Commissioner Margaret Anderson Kelliher April 16 proposed raising fuel taxes, license plate fees, and the motor vehicle sales tax to meet the state’s infrastructure needs. Kelliher recommended implementing such measures soon to reduce future expenses. MnDOT projects an $18 billion transportation funding gap over the next 20 years. Read More>>


The Minnesota Transportation Department April 17 projected that at current funding levels state roads will deteriorate further, with 600 miles in jeopardy of dropping to “poor” condition by 2023. Roads that fall into the poor category require more expensive rehabilitation, further stretching the state’s limited budget. Read More>>


A new report by West Virginia’s Department of Transportation found the agency will retain approximately three-fourths of its current purchasing power in 2024 without additional revenue. The report also shows that only about 40 percent of the state’s pavement will be in good condition within the next two years, requiring more expensive repairs. Read More>>