Wisconsin Republican legislators on Feb. 4 suggested tolling was the best way to fund highway network repairs, however Gov. Tony Evers (D) indicated that he is more open to raising or indexing the gas tax. Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R – 63) and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R – 13) have been the most vocal proponents of tolling. Read More>>


Seeking bipartisan agreement, Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchison (R) on Feb. 12 proposed a $300 million highway funding plan composed of a half-cent general sales tax increase, a 3-cent gas tax increase, and diversion of expected casino revenue. The plan hopes to appease Republican legislators who are considering supporting Hutchinson’s $97 million income tax cut proposal. Read More>>


Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly (D) promoted her 2020 budget on Feb. 13, which provides the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) $160 million in funding, in effort to reduce highway construction delays. Kelly also plans to end transfers of KDOT money by 2023, starting with a $100 million reserve next year. Read More>>


Also in Kansas, Governor Kelly and KDOT said Feb 10 the agency faces a 100 percent annual turnover rate of entry-level road equipment operators. Read More>>


The Warren Fiscal Court in Kentucky joined several other county governments in passing a resolution on Feb. 13 encouraging the General Assembly to “address the state’s transportation funding needs to avoid further erosion of the transportation network.” This bolsters a broader push to modernize Kentucky’s gas tax formula, which fluctuates with the wholesale price of gas. Read More>>