Monroe County, Michigan on Jan.25 cancelled its snow removal contract with the state transportation department due to concerns that winter transportation maintenance expenses could jeopardize its funding for summer projects. Read More>>

Additionally, Michigan’s Consensus Policy Project, composed of former state lawmakers, on Jan. 31 proposed raising the state gas tax nearly 50-cents-per-gallon gas over nine years. Such a measure is projected to raise more than $2.5 billion to fund Michigan’s crumbling infrastructure. Read More>>

West Virginia Transportation Secretary Tom Smith on Jan. 28 said current funding cannot resolve the state’s massive maintenance backlog, despite tripling state funding for road maintenance from $60 million to over $200 million and allocating $2 billion in road bonds toward preservation. Read More>>

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) and key legislators on Jan. 28 proposed allocating between $300 million to $400 million of a $1.2 billion state surplus to transportation improvements. Read More>>

The New York Assembly Minority Task Force on Critical Infrastructure and Transportation released a comprehensive report on Jan. 28 detailing the condition of the state’s infrastructure. The task force proposed that the New York Department of Transportation develop certain planning and transportation analysis initiatives. Read More>>

The Iowa Department of Transportation projected on Jan. 29 that the rising use of electric vehicles could result in $250 million of lost annual revenue by around 2040. Currently, electric vehicle use only has about a $300,000 impact on the state’s transportation fund. Read More>>

The North Dakota Senate passed Senate Bill 2061 on Jan. 29, which could impose an annual road use fee of $110 for electric vehicles and $50 for hybrids. This measure is intended to compensate for lost fuel tax revenue and now awaits review in the House. Read More>>

Wisconsin Rep. John Nygren (R- 89), co-chair of the state legislature’s budget committee, on Jan. 29 stated he and other state Republicans are supportive of raising the state gas tax if offset by other proportional tax cuts. Republicans and Gov. Tony Evers (D) have both proposed cutting middle class income taxes, but they disagree on where to source the lost revenue. Read More>>

Also in Wisconsin, on Jan. 31, Gov. Tony Evers (D) charged a 34-member bipartisan task force with resolving state transportation funding issues while debates over increases to the gas tax, vehicle registration fees, tolls, and spending restrictions continue. Read More>>

Arizona State Rep. Noel Campbell (R- 1) on Jan. 30 proposed a gradual state fuel tax increase to 43 cents a gallon by the year 2021, which has been met with opposition from fellow legislators and Gov. Doug Ducey (R). This hike would be accompanied by an increase on diesel taxes and an electric vehicle user fee. Read More>>