Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) and several state lawmakers intend to introduce legislation that would implement tolls along Interstate Highway 81 (I-81) to generate an estimated $2.2 billion in new revenue. Northam is supportive of tolling, predicting the benefits would outweigh the costs, but has drawn criticism from organizations such as the Virginia Trucking Association and Alliance for Toll-Free Interstates. An ARTBA study released in November 2018 concluded that an investment of $2 billion in highway improvements on Virginia’s I-81 would generate over $4.3 billion in business output, wages and tax revenue along the region’s corridor, supporting over 15,240 local jobs across all sectors of the economy. Read more>>


In Alabama, persistent flooding has washed out part of a Walker County road, and limited funding has prevented county officials from scheduling long-term repairs. This has delayed the arrival of necessary medications for several elderly residents, diverted drivers 15 miles out of their normal route, and could cause issues with school buses, garbage, and mail delivery in the future if the issue isn’t addressed. Read more>>


Indiana’s rural and local roads are receiving about 40 percent more funding due to a recent gas tax increase, vehicle registration fees, and other measures approved by Indiana’s General Assembly in 2017. Read more>>


Missouri county officials continue to push back on state efforts to transfer maintenance of roads to the counties. A 2017 transportation task force studying the issue concluded that counties lacked the expertise and resources road maintenance requires. Read more>>


In Washington state, 2,000 drivers are testing a mileage tax pilot project that ends Jan. 31. Proponents believe “road usage charges” could be more stable and equitable as opposed to fuel taxes. Read more>>