Illinois Department of Transportation Secretary Randy Blankenhorn Dec. 5 warned that the state’s current transportation investment was inadequate to meet its needs and compete with neighboring states. Read More>>

Alabama Sen. Pro Tem Del Marsh (R- District 12) Nov. 28 stated that the legislature would likely consider increasing the state gas tax during the 2019 legislative session, with his preference including indexing the fuel tax to the Consumer Price Index with a floor and ceiling in place. Read More>>

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) recently proposed using $183 million annually from a new online sales tax to fund roads, a move that would require a change to the state constitution which outlines how sales tax revenue should be distributed. The majority of the revenue from the fund would be deposited into the School Aid Fund. Read More>>

A Kansas task force Nov. 29 included recommendations to increase the state gas tax and institute an electric vehicle user fee as part of its proposal for a long-term transportation funding plan. The final report is due to the state legislature in January. Read More>>