A Kansas legislatively-appointed task force Nov. 28 reached consensus on 280 new transportation projects to recommend for inclusion in the next multiyear transportation plan, as well as 21 projects that were not completed in the previous plan. The projects would be worth an estimated $18 billion. The task force will consider funding options at its final meeting on Nov. 29. One option it is likely to recommend is restoring revenue to a fund designated for cities and counties; current law requires the state to transfer $130 million annually into that fund, but recent budget shortfalls have diverted the revenue to other purposes. Read More>>

Colorado State Transportation Commissioners Rocky Scott, Kathy Connell and Sidny Zink voiced concern Nov. 26 about voter rejection of transportation funding ballot measures earlier this month. All three commissioners expected needed projects in their region to be delayed, congestion to increase, and project cost to rise while officials look for a transportation funding solution. Gov.-elect Jared Polis (D) has called on lawmakers to think of a new, recurring revenue stream. Read More>>

Iowa Department of Transportation Director Mark Lowe at a Nov. 26 budget hearing announced that the state is making progress addressing structurally deficient bridges, with numbers falling from a high of 256 in 2006 to an anticipated 46 by the end of 2019. The director urged Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) to continue investing in the department and continue pushing forward on the progress. Read More>>

A Louisiana coalition is gearing up for a campaign to increase the state gas tax, but is already facing push-back from Americans for Prosperity. Department of Transportation and Development Director Shawn Wilson asked residents to support increasing the department’s resources in a Nov. 22 op-ed. Read More>>