Kentucky House Transportation Committee Chair Sal Santoro (R- District 60) in an interview with the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Sept 12, stressed the need for the state to reform its variable-rate state gas tax formula in order to increase revenue, as well as create a fee for electric and hybrid vehicles. Read More>>

Key leaders from both political parties have expressed support for Missouri’s Proposition D, a measure on the November ballot that could increase the state gas tax by 10 cents-per-gallon. If approved by voters, over $400 million will be generated annually for the state’s transportation infrastructure, about half of what the state needs to close its transportation funding shortfall. Read More>>

Illinois legislative leaders on Aug. 10 were taken on a tour of downstate roads and bridges to illustrate the need for increased transportation funding. Another tour highlighting the state’s urban roads is planned by the Transportation for Illinois Coalition on Sept. 17. Read More>>

After their lawsuit to stop Missouri’s gas tax increase question from going on the Nov. 6 ballot was rejected by two state courts, conservative activist Ron Calzone and State Representative Mike Moon (R-Ash Grove) are petitioning the Missouri Supreme Court to hear their case. Both argue that the measure is unconstitutional because it touches on multiple issues and was rushed through the legislative process. They face a deadline of Sept. 28, after which a court decision cannot affect the appearance of the measure on the ballot. Read More>>