With over 200 transportation funding bills introduced this year in 39 states, it’s clear that many lawmakers outside of the Nation’s Capital understand the importance of supporting infrastructure investment. Some have passed measures signed into law by their governor, while others continue to shepherd proposals through their statehouse.

Four state legislators will discuss their experiences, share advice on strategies to increase transportation funding, and seek to answer the question of “why now?” at the 5th Annual “National Workshop for State & Local Transportation Advocates,” being held July 18 at the Hyatt Regency Washington in Washington, D.C.

The “State Transportation Funding Champion Legislators” session will feature:

Colorado House Speaker Crisanta Duran (D- District 5). Speaker Duran helped spearhead a compromise on 2018 legislation that will appropriate $645 million from the state’s General Fund to the transportation fund over the next two years.

Utah Sen. Wayne Harper (R- District 6). Sen. Harper has continuously worked to improve Utah’s transportation funding system in order to ensure the state will meet its immediate and long-term infrastructure needs.

Wisconsin Rep. John Nygren (R- District 89). Rep. Nygren worked with lawmakers to reach a deal in 2017 on legislation that provided transportation bonds and created an electric vehicle fee, successfully ending a state budget impasse.

West Virginia Sen. Craig Blair (R- District 15). Sen. Blair helped pass state legislation to increase the states motor fuels tax and other various fees on motor vehicles. Generating $135 million annually in new transportation funding.

Other sessions include:

  • An overview of state transportation funding trends and initiatives, plus a preview of what’s to come on 2018 state and local ballots;
  • An update on federal transportation funding and efforts to permanently fix the revenue stream for the Highway Trust Fund;
  • In-depth exploration of short- and long-term transportation funding techniques being explored by states;
  • How states ‘set the stage’ for a transportation funding increase;
  • Tips on united urban and rural interests in one campaign;
  • And more!

The Workshop is being held in conjunction with ARTBA’s 30th annual “Public-Private Partnerships in Transportation Conference.”

Space is limited! Register today to reserve your spot, or view more information about the Workshop on TIAC’s website.