Dozens of states have taken action to address transportation funding shortfalls over the past several years. Join fellow transportation advocates in Washington, D.C., on July 18 to learn about recent transportation investment trends and methods from Dr. Alison Premo Black, chief economist with the American Road & Transportation Builders Association. Dr. Black will explore state legislation introduced since 2013, as well as state and local ballot measures from the last decade, in order to provide analysis on new and recurring themes. She will also look ahead to provide a preview of November 2018 ballot measures.

Register for the 5th Annual “National Workshop for State & Local Transportation Advocates” to hear real-life challenges and success stories of state transportation funding campaigns. Learn what states have raised or are trying to raise new transportation revenue, why they are doing so, what revenue streams they are exploring, who the major players are, and campaign tactics and strategies. Transportation investment champions from around the country will share best practices, playbook secrets and other keys to success in advancing state and local legislative and ballot initiatives that boost transportation infrastructure investment.

Other sessions include:

  • An update on federal transportation funding and efforts to permanently fix the revenue stream for the Highway Trust Fund;
  • In-depth exploration of short- and long-term transportation funding techniques being explored by states;
  • How states ‘set the stage’ for a transportation funding increase;
  • Advice from state lawmakers on succeeding in your transportation funding campaign;
  • Tips on uniting urban and rural interests in one campaign;
  • And more!

The Workshop is being held in conjunction with ARTBA’s 30th annual “Public-Private Partnerships in Transportation Conference.”

Space is limited! Register today to reserve your spot, or view more information about the Workshop on TIAC’s website.