By Mark Holan, editorial director, ARTBA

A new feature on the Transportation Investment Advocacy Center™ (TIAC) website makes it easy to track in real time transportation funding measures in state legislatures nationwide.

The service includes a national map on the TIAC website “State Legislation” page that highlights states with 2018 bills. The first click on any of these states opens a summary of pending legislation, often multiple bills, written by TIAC Director Carolyn Kramer to provide context and insight.

The second click on any of the bill numbers displays the legislative text and a timeline of its progress through legislative committees, including roll calls showing whether house or senate members voted for and against the measure.

“This feature helps transportation investment advocates monitor the latest developments in their home state legislatures, and see what is happening in other state capitals across the country,” Kramer said.  “In addition, TIAC’s monthly state transportation funding overview reports, which provides a more in-depth analysis of national trends, an overview of major events, a history of transportation funding going back to 2012, graphs, and maps.”

As of the first full week of February, 27 U.S. states were considering transportation investment legislation, a total of nearly 100 bills. View the live state legislative tracker.