Twenty-seven states have introduced almost 100 transportation funding bills in the first month of 2018.

Four states— Hawaii, Missouri, Mississippi, and Nebraska— have proposed raising taxes on motor fuel in order to fund needed transportation infrastructure improvements, with more expected to follow as additional states begin their 2018 legislative session in February.

Continuing the trend from previous years, electric vehicle fees remain a hot topic. Eight states are considering legislation to implement a new registration fee for electric motor vehicles to ensure these drivers pay their fair share for wear and tear on roads and bridges. Six of those states also included new hybrid motor vehicle fees in the proposal.

States are also exploring options outside of traditional transportation funding. Three states— Kentucky, New Hampshire, and New York— have proposed road usage charge pilot programs to increase transportation funding.

The largest categories of proposed transportation funding legislation include local funding (24 bills in 10 states) and non-fuel tax recurring revenue (22 bills in nine states).

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