As more state legislatures convene for the 2018 legislative session, transportation funding bills are proving to be a popular topic.

The Colorado Senate chose transportation funding as the first bill to introduce this year. Senate Bill 18-001 would divert 10 percent of state sales and use tax net revenue to the state highway fund, with revenue used primarily to pay back transportation bonds. If approved by the legislature, the bill would create a November ballot measure asking voters to approve $3.5 billion in transportation fund bonds.

Florida is joining other states in exploring new fees on electric and hybrid vehicles. Introduced legislation would commission a report that studies possible fees on electric and hybrid motor vehicles, and the effect such fees would have on the state’s transportation fund.

A Nebraska bill would put a floor in place of $2.44 on the component of Nebraska’s variable-rate state gas tax that is calculated based on the average wholesale price of gasoline. (Read ARTBA-TIAC’s ‘Variable-Rate State Gas Tax‘ report for more information on Nebraska’s existing formula.)

Other bills introduced this week include:

  • Legislation to expand Alabama’s transportation infrastructure bank with additional revenue to service bond debt;
  • Several bills that would increase local funding in certain regions of Virginia; and
  • A Maine proposal to transfer 10 percent of the sales tax on “transportation-related items”— such as motor vehicles and products related to the repair and maintenance of motor vehicles— to the state’s Highway Fund.

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