Ohio Department of Transportation director Jerry Wray expressed concern that the state is falling behind on transportation projects, with 90 percent of the agency’s spending going to rehabilitating and maintaining existing roads and bridges and neglecting needed capacity-building projects. Read More>>

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (R) urged the state’s Joint Budget Committee on Jan. 2 to allocate $148.2 million of the expected $256.5 million general fund surplus for transportation projects. The surplus would be available at the beginning of the next fiscal year on July 1. Lawmakers from both parties agree additional transportation revenue is needed, but are unsure how much would be dedicated for that purpose, and how that money would be allocated. Read More>>

Despite changes to West Virginia’s variable-rate gas tax formula, which resulted in a 3.5 cents-per-gallon increase on July 1, the state road fund collected $4 million less than anticipated in earlier revenue projections. However, the road fund collected $9.6 million more cumulatively for 2017 than it did in the prior fiscal year. Motor vehicle registration fees, also increased in the legislation, rose 79 percent, but motor vehicle sales taxes— raised by 1 percent— remained flat in December. Read More>>

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) voiced concern on Dec. 29 over a plan to utilize federal funding for half of the New York/New Jersey Hudson River Gateway Tunnel rail project in a letter to officials. Brian Murray, spokesman for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), however, expressed confidence that potential federal infrastructure packages will include the project. Read More>>

New tolling could generate up to $53 billion in transportation revenue over 30 years, according to a report by the Indiana Department of Transportation in conjunction with HDR Inc. The study was commissioned through House Bill 1002 (2017), legislation approved in April to generate an additional $1.2 billion in new transportation funding annually. Read More>>

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation had over 90 projects worth more than $200 million under construction or bid in the northwestern region in 2017. The activity is attributed directly to Act 89, the transportation funding bill passed in 2013. Read More>>