Washington state gas stations on Oct. 30 began posting legislatively-required stickers that explain the 68 cents-per-gallon federal and state gas tax to consumers. All state fuel pumps will receive the stickers over the next three years, which amendment sponsor Rep. Cary Condotta (R- Wenatchee) expects may make it more difficult to raise the state gas tax in the future. Read More>>


Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (R) on Nov. 28 discussed the future of the state’s transportation funding and the need to increase revenue in order to remain competitive with its neighbors. Sen. Michael Merrifield (D- Colorado Springs) suggested it may be possible to pass a revenue increase in the next legislative session. Read More>>


A proposal to raise New Hampshire turnpike tolls by up to 50 percent could fast-track current highway projects and fund new projects, with a discount available for state commuters who travel through multiple toll plazas regularly. New Hampshire hasn’t increased turnpike tolls in 10 years. Read More>>


Michigan road commission managers attribute the good condition of local roads primarily to additional money being received from the state’s 2015 transportation funding increase. Read More>>


While Iowa and Nebraska invest revenue approved from 2015 transportation funding increases to improving their infrastructure, Missouri’s roads and bridges face further decline due to lack of investment. A transportation task force is expected to present recommendations on methods to increase revenue when the legislature convenes Jan. 1. Read More>>