Oregon is moving forward with a multibillion-dollar transportation spending package. The legislation includes a tax and fee increase, which will raise $5.3 billion for roads and bridges over the next 10 years. The package was approved by the state house 39-20 on July 5, and is expected to pass in the Senate in the coming week. Read More>>

A $4.1 billion budget has passed in Delaware, and was signed into law by Gov. John Carney (D) on July 3. The capital budget includes more than $317 million towards transportation projects. Read More>>

Kentucky House Speaker Jeff Hoover (R- District 83) has appointed six Republicans and three Democrats to a bipartisan transportation committee. The Working Group on Kentucky’s Transportation Infrastructure is tasked with investigating solutions to a decrease in road funding. Lower gas tax revenues have contributed to a transportation revenue decline of $78 million since 2014, with another $25 million drop expected to occur this year. Read More>>

Conflict over transportation funding has led Wisconsin lawmakers to miss the July 1 deadline for a state budget. Assembly members had supported increasing taxes and fees, while senate republicans instead advocated for increased borrowing. The state senate and assembly will meet again next week to discuss short term solutions. Read More>>

Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) sent a memo on July 5 imploring lobbying groups, companies, and industry organizations to propose solutions to the $1 billion deficit facing road improvements. The continued stalemate over funding sources will lead to a halt in infrastructure construction unless an agreement is reached. Read More>>

Road work in Illinois has come to a complete halt while the state’s budget stalemate drags on. All projects funded by the Illinois Department of Transportation, along with many of the state’s other services, are stalled until an agreement can be reached. This is Illinois’ third consecutive fiscal year begun without a budget. Read More>>> 

Katherine Jones, ARTBA Economics Intern, contributed to this report.