Arizona launched a five-year infrastructure plan, which aims to improve congestion on major interstates and includes the state’s first public-private partnership highway project. This program follows other major transportation plans in Virginia, Indiana, and California. Read More>>

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet on June 26 released a list of over 1,100 upcoming statewide transportation projects. The projects are scored using an objective formula, to help prioritize funding for more urgent projects in the state’s next Highway Plan. Read More>>

A two-year pilot program for a pay-by-mile road fee is coming to an end in Oregon. Proposed as an alternative to the gas tax, the OReGO program charges a flat rate based on distance driven and refunds volunteers’ state gas tax. The program concluded with a balance of negative $1,357.25, meaning the state refunded more gas tax revenue than it collected in it’s tax on miles driven. However, the volunteer program found that pay-per-mile options are viable for future transportation system funding. Read More>>

Oklahoma was recently ranked by TRIP as among the worst in the nation for rural roads and bridges. Poor conditions on rural roads contribute to a higher rate of accidents and an increased need for repairs. Read More>>

Gov. John Bel Edwards of Louisiana vetoed legislation regarding state road spending. House Bill 598 would have allowed state lawmakers to make additions or substitutions on the official list of transportation projects, which is compiled by the state Department of Transportation and Development. The governor claims that the veto should restore confidence in the DOTD, by preventing an injection of politics into “a process that should be based on data and needs.” Read More>>

Katherine Jones, ARTBA Economics Intern, contributed to this report.