During special session on June 13, the West Virginia House Finance Committee amended and approved a bill to adjust the state’s variable-rate motor fuel tax (a 3.5 cents-per-gallon increase) and raise the vehicle sales tax by 1 percent, as well as increase other motor vehicle-related fees. The bill would generate an estimated $140 million annually. Read More>>

A Wisconsin lawmaker has proposed implementing a per-mile fee on heavy trucks in order to generate additional transportation revenue. Read More>>

Unless lawmakers reconvene for a special session this year, Louisiana is unlikely to pass a state gas tax increase until 2021. Read More>>

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster (R) vetoed a portion of the state budget that would have permitted Country Transportation Committees to spend up to 20 percent of the transportation funding received by the state on infrastructure projects that were not related to road work. Read More>>

After implementing a year-long pause on state highway projects to keep the state road fund from depleting, Kentucky will restart construction activity in July. Read More>>