The latest TRIP report released June 1 found that with over half of Mississippi’s roads in poor or mediocre condition, and 12 percent of the state’s bridges struggling with structural deficiencies, poor transportation infrastructure is costing Mississippi drivers a total of $2.9 billion annually. Read More>>

A North Carolina budget amendment could cut $2.5 million in road maintenance funds in order to provide grants to supply student transportation for charter schools that serve low-income students. Read More>>

Rhode Island’s RhodeWorks program, which charges a toll on large commercial trucks and funds state bridge maintenance and repairs, will reach an annual net revenue of $42.3 million. State department of transportation officials estimate this will bring 90 percent of the state’s bridges into “structural sufficiency” by 2024 and create 6,000 new construction jobs. Read More>>

A Texas budget compromise will delay payment to the state highway fund in order to free up revenue for non-transportation related programs. Texas voters had overwhelmingly approved using that revenue for transportation purposes in 2014 and 2015. Read More>>

The California Transportation Commission allocated $328 million in new transportation funding for 88 projects that will alleviate traffic delays, repair aging roads and bridges, and encourage bicycling and walking. Read More>>