• The Missouri Senate voted May 10 to establish the “21st Century Missouri Transportation System Task Force” to evaluate the state’s transportation infrastructure, the state’s transportation funding, any shortfall the department is facing, and provide recommendations on how to improve the condition of the transportation infrastructure and funding situation.


  • An Oklahoma conference committee released a compromise on May 16 to create a $100 registration fee for electric motor vehicles and a $30 registration fee for hybrid motor vehicles.
  • A Louisiana bill to increase state motor fuel taxes passed the House Committee on Ways and Means with a vote of 9-7 on May 16. It is scheduled for a floor debate on May 24.


  • Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton (R) vetoed legislation on May 15 that would have redirected existing vehicle-related taxes as well as dedicate a portion of the state surplus to fund transportation priorities. Gov. Dayton called the bill “disheartening and wholly inadequate” and urged the legislature to find a long-term, sustainable transportation funding solution that would adequately meet the state’s needs. Read the veto statement >>

Other News

  • Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) may call a special session to address the state’s long-term transportation funding needs.
  • Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts (R) vetoed a state budget bill on May 15 that would have transferred revenue from the highway fund, which would have triggered a two-tenths of a cent automatic gas tax increase.