Vehicle miles traveled grew 1.9 percent (4.4 billion vehicle miles) nationally in February 2017 when compared to February 2016, according to the latest report from the Federal Highway Administration. Cumulative travel in 2017 grew 2 percent (9.5 billion vehicle miles) in comparison to the same time last year. The seasonally adjusted growth is 1.6 percent between February 2016 and February 2017. Travel in the North Central region grew the most (3.5 percent), while travel in the Western region saw the smallest growth (0.4 percent), likely due to severe weather experienced in the region in February. Read More>>


State Updates

 South Carolina House Speaker Jay Lucas (R- District 65) said the state Senate’s inaction on a long-term transportation funding bill has cost the state over $1 billion— $350 million annually for the past three years that the House has passed a bill which failed in the Senate— due to further infrastructure decay. Read More>>   

 Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards (D) on April 11 asserted that denying the state needs additional resources for its transportation infrastructure was “delusional”. Read More>>

 An updated report released April 18 by the Transportation Research Group (TRIP) found that infrastructure deterioration, congestion, and safety shortfalls cost Tennessee drivers $6 billion per year. Read More>>

 The Mississippi Department of Transportation’s executive director warned Gov. Phil Bryant (R) that road and bridge projects could be delayed and costs could increase if a special session to fund the department is not called for by May 15. State lawmakers failed to reach an agreement on the state department of transportation’s budget bill before the legislative session ended on March 27.  Read More>>

 The Connecticut Department of Transportation withdrew from the I-95 Corridor Coalition’s multi-state vehicle-miles traveled (VMT) tax pilot program due to budget cuts. Read More>>


Transportation Funding Campaign Highlights

 An advertisement targeting lawmakers who are reluctant to support a gas tax increase was released by the South Carolina Alliance to Fix Our Roads on April 17. The video highlights support for transportation funding by President Ronald Reagan (R) and former Gov. Carroll Campbell (R) as a practical, responsible decision. Read More>>

 A Minnesota rally at the state Capitol on April 19 urged lawmakers to increase transportation funding in order to make critical safety improvements to the state’s roads. Read More>>


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