Louisiana lawmakers are preparing a proposal to increase the state gas tax by up to 17 cents-per-gallon, which would generate an additional $500 million annually in transportation funding. The state legislature convenes April 10. Read More>>

A measure to expand California’s transportation fund “lockbox” to protect additional revenue sources—vehicle license fees, vehicle weight fees, and motor fuel taxes used for vehicles outside of public roads— from diversion to non-transportation related programs is currently advancing in the state legislature. The lockbox (approved by voters in November 2010) currently protects revenue from vehicle registration fees and motor fuel taxes used by vehicles on public streets and highways. Read More>>

The Idaho Senate Transportation Committee on March 16 voted to advance $300 million in Grant Anticipation Revenue (GARVEE) Bonds for transportation projects. A larger bill that would have permitted up to $500 million in bonds failed. Read More>>

Other transportation funding measures that advanced this week include:

  • Two Indiana State Senate committees plan to vote on House Bill 1002 next week. The bill has already been approved by the House.
  • In South Carolina, House Bill 3516 advanced through the Senate Finance Committee with a vote of 14-8 on March 15. The bill was approved by the House on March 1.
  • Senate Bill 477 in West Virginia received its first round of approval on March 14 by the Senate Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. It now goes to the Senate Finance Committee.
  • The New Jersey Senate voted 34-1 on March 13 to approve an additional $400 million for transportation projects, with $260 million allocated to roads and bridges and $140 million for NJ Transit. The extra revenue, the result of the 2016 state gas tax increase, would come from the state’s transportation fund.

At least 29 states are considered over 90 measures to increase transportation funding this year. Visit the ‘State Legislation’ page for state information and bill details.