The Ohio Senate on March 1 approved a two-year budget measure that will provide $7.8 billion in transportation funding. The measure would also permit counties to levy an additional $5 motor vehicle registration tax (subject to voter approval). The bill now goes to the Senate for review. Read More>>

 The Utah legislature on March 8 sent a bill to Gov. Gary Herbert (R) that would alter the variable-rate gas tax formula, a 12 percent tax on the average wholesale price (AWP) of gasoline that was approved in 2015 transportation funding legislation that is set to take effect when the AWP of gasoline reaches $2.45 per gallon. The legislation increases the variable-rate tax to 16 percent of the AWP of gasoline, and lowers the trigger price to $1.78 per gallon (expected to kick in on Jan. 1, 2019). The legislature approved another bill on March 7 that would authorize up to $1 billion in general obligation bonds over four years to accelerate transportation projects. Both bills are pending Gov. Herbert’s review and approval. Read More>>

After months of discussion, Colorado lawmakers have unveiled a compromise proposal to increase the state sales tax by 0.62 percent to fund a 10-year, $3.5 million transportation bond package. The bipartisan legislation would also decrease vehicle registration fees. If approved by lawmakers the measure would go before voters in the November 2017 General Election. Read More>>