The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) will delay an additional 10 road projects worth $17.45 million as a result of the state’s budget shortfall. In November the agency announced the delay of 24 other road projects (worth $32 million), and in April KDOT posted the delay of 25 projects (worth $553 million). Since 2011, over $1 billion has been appropriated from the transportation fund to help with state budget issues. Read More>>

  • Kansas is one of seven states that have announced major transportation construction delays or cuts in 2016. Read about them here.

The Missouri Department of Transportation published an online guide Dec. 7 to help citizens understand how the state funds transportation, where the money is invested, the state’s transportation needs, the condition of Missouri’s roads, and how they compare to its neighboring states. The department also included a calculator to show drivers where their motor fuel taxes go. Read More>>

 Transportation Funding Legislation

Legislation to increase the state gas tax by 12 cents-per-gallon, phased in gradually over three years, was pre-filed by South Carolina Sen. Sean Bennett (R- Dorchester) on Dec. 13. The proposed legislation will also increase 10-year driver’s license fees from $25 to $50; a biennial $120 electric vehicle fee and $60 hybrid vehicle fee; and raise the vehicle sales tax cap from $300 to $600. These transportation revenue increases would be offset with a 0.1 percent cut to the state’s top income tax bracket; a 1 percent cut for business and manufacturing property taxes; and tax credits for law enforcement officers, first responders, college tuition, and state earned income tax credit. Read More>>