ARTBA-TIAC tracked over 90 state transportation funding legislative measures in 39 states during 2016, which are now available in a comprehensive year-end update. The 20 measures approved, including several placed on the ballot by state legislatures, will result in an estimated $20.5 billion in new transportation investment. The approved legislation includes:

  • Bills to provide one-time funding in Arkansas, Arizona, Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Missouri, Rhode Island and South Carolina.
  • Bills to provide recurring funding in New Jersey, Rhode Island and Vermont.
  • Bills related to the transportation funding process in Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky, Nebraska and New Jersey.
  • Bills to increase local funding in Alabama, Indiana and Georgia.
  • Additional bills covering other transportation revenue topics in Louisiana and New Hampshire.

Additionally, several states have pending bills:

  • The Michigan Senate sent a bill to the House Dec. 1 that would permit the state to enter into public-private partnership agreements in order to perform road work on new and existing state roads. For the measure to pass it must be voted on by the House before the legislative session ends Dec. 31.
  • A California lawmaker prefiled legislation for the 2017 legislative session that would increase the state gas tax by 12 cents-per-gallon, increase the vehicle registration fee by $38, and institute a $165 annual registration fee for zero-emission vehicles. The bill would also create the Office of the Transportation Inspector General.
  • A Virginia measure regarding adjustments to the regional gas tax in the Hampton Roads region will carry over to the 2017 legislative session.

State legislatures across the nation are already engaging in vigorous debates about transportation investment during their 2017 sessions. ARTBA-TIAC will continue to track all the developments.

To view the November/December 2016 report, or reports from the previous two years, visit the State Legislation page.